Events Coming Soon


Magic the Gathering: Theros Beyond Death Release weekend

Friday January 24th @ 5:30PM -10PM Saturday January 25th @ 12PM - 9PM

Running Draft & Sealed events both days
Drafts $15 (3 packs to create a deck)
Sealed Events $25 (6 packs to create a deck)
each event will have 1 pack per player into the prize pool
every player in sealed events will receive a promo pack
minimum of 5 players per event 


Role Playing night

Wednesdays & Fridays


Warhammer Age of Sigmar & 40K

Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays


Open Gaming

Pick a board game off our demo shelf and we will help you learn to play it or bring a favorite and have fun with friends! Always been interested in minmiature wargames? Great way to check out new games before buying them!


Friday Night Magic

Fridays at 6:15PM 

Hosted by Aaron Miller - who will be our WPN coordinator. Events vay each week;  $5 entry fee. 1 pack per player and 1/2 a pack to the prize pool. 


Yu-Gi-Oh! Sundays

Sundays at 1PM

Players Choice of events each week
standard construction following all up-to-date banned lists
Option #1 $5 entry fee = one pack to each player + 1/2 pack into the prize pool
Option #2 $10 entry fee = win a box (minimum of seven players) 


No upcoming events.