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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Feast of Bones


 Feast of Bones
This boxed set includes 26 Citadel miniatures (1 Ogor Tyrant, 6 Ogor Gluttons, 2 Leadbelchers, 1 Ironblaster, 1 Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-tithe, 10 Mortek Guard, 3 Necropolis Stalkers and 2 Morghast Archai. Also includes 8 warscroll cards, 28 tokens, 2 range rulers, a 40-page book with background and battleplans, and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules).

Ossiarch Bonereapers and Ogor Mawtribes battletomes and accessories.

Star Wars Legion - Clone Wars


This Clone Wars Core Set invites you to enter a completely new era of infantry battles in the Star Wars galaxy, pitting the overwhelming Separatist droid forces against the Republic’s crack armies of clone troopers and Jedi Knights. As you do, you’ll assemble a force of the Clone Wars' most iconic heroes, villains, troopers, and vehicles, including Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. In addition to introducing the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance to the game, this Core Set contains all the cards, tools and tokens you need to begin staging your own Star Wars battles right away, making this the perfect starting point to begin building your Star Wars: Legion collection! 

A Song of Ice & Fire miniatures game


The Bolton Blackguards unit box gives commanders a terrifying new unit to employ on the battlefield. Heavily armored, the Blackguards’ reputation and looks alone will cause enemies to make a Panic Test whenever they want to attack them in melee.

 The Builder Stone Thrower is an artillery piece that Night’s Watch commanders can bring with them to battle. Extremely cumbersome to move and poorly armored, the Stone Thrower more than makes up for it in offensive power.   

 The Thenn Warriors unit box gives Free Folk commanders their arguably hardiest troops on the battlefield. Their increased armor has given them a sense of invulnerability, calling out Taunts to their enemies, causing charges to be targeted at them instead of other units.  

Flesh & Blood TCG


 Flesh and Blood TCG: Welcome to Rathe Booster Box - After centuries of uneasy peace, the land of Rathe balances on the brink of war once again. Savage beasts emerge from the primordial jungle, clashing with noble warriors in increasingly violent skirmishes. 


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